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Electra Angels is a girl from Hungary that is also known under many aliases. Some of them are Agnes, Amanda and Aghi, but those are far less important because her hot body will be easily recognized. Her 34B-24-35 measurements will easily make any one of you hard and horny and her clit and navel piercing will surely make you harder then you thought when she shows them off.

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Date added: 03-01-2005 Rating:
Like 18
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Date added: 02-15-2005 Rating:
Like 14
Dislike 1
Date added: 06-13-2004 Rating:
Like 6
Dislike 2
Date added: 05-26-2004 Rating:
Like 10
Dislike 2
Date added: 02-15-2004 Rating:
Like 5
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Date added: 01-15-2004 Rating:
Like 11
Dislike 2
Date added: 01-11-2003 Rating:
Like 45
Dislike 4