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Leda is a new face in the porn area. She entered the industry in 2012, when she was 20. Usually acts the shy, innocent girl's role or the submissive one in the action. She has done many solo, lesbian and BG hardcore scenes, and doesn't neither refuse anal much to the delight of many pornlovers.

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Date added: 06-12-2013 Rating:
Like 116
Dislike 19
Date added: 05-29-2013 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 9
Date added: 11-23-2012 Rating:
Like 95
Dislike 11
Date added: 10-08-2012 Rating:
Like 78
Dislike 17
Date added: 10-06-2012 Rating:
Like 121
Dislike 13
Date added: 10-01-2012 Rating:
Like 97
Dislike 13
Date added: 09-12-2012 Rating:
Like 93
Dislike 9